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Mission Statement
  • The mission of BioBuild is to contribute to creating healthy, sustainable life on the planet by building biologically and ecologically sensitive environments to raise awareness and give tangible benefits for individuals, communities and the local and global environment. We plan to make sustainable living accessible, affordable and achievable. As we succeed we plan to expand the growth of BioBuilding by contributing to projects which seek to improve the well-being of others and empower them to improve their lives and environment.

    Our aim is to play a sane game in the world, acting responsibly and creating an environment of co-operation and exchange of ideas to collectively create a better world.

Our Expertise
Laura Poola

Alan Drayton, Director of BioBuild, brings over 40 years of construction experience. He’s also been passionate about healthy building since becoming increasingly aware of the toxicity in the building industry and built environment, and its impact on our health and the health of our planet, and what that could create for our future.

Over the past 26 years our work has brought us many unique building projects designed specifically for their site and owners. Our projects range from landscape installation, to family homes, to eco retreats, and have taken us through many building experiences all over Auckland, extending from South Kaipara to Coromandel.

We work with our team of well qualified and experienced contractors, carpenters and labourers – all of them committed to creating a satisfying and enjoyable building experience for our clients.

BioBuild offers a caring, flexible and professional service to meet the needs of people over a wide range of projects and gives our clients access to our skilled network of associated experts.

Our advantages

  • We are committed to our clients having the best possible experience of their building project.
  • A well managed project.
  • A wealth of experience and expertise in conventional and alternative construction.
  • In depth knowledge in the field of BioBuilding.
  • Experts in rammed earth.
  • Where do we come from?
    Laura Poola

    In 1986 Alan Drayton Builders Ltd was established as a family business and worked initially in the field of difficult site specialists. However we soon sought to contribute something more to the construction industry. With a desire to create homes that were healthy for both people and the environment, knowledge of bio-harmonic building was gained from the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology and Bio Building began to be incorporated into our projects.