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    Over the last 14 years our work has taken us from Ranui on our doorstep, to South Kaipara, to the Coromandel.

    We have built many unique spaces that have been widely varied in size, materials and budget, from the construction of a small adobe house to a large stone family home to rammed earth apartments, from building a stone-clad chapel and bell tower to an eco lodge, both perched on hilltops overlooking the sea in the Coromandel.

    This mixture of buildings, with many different components that contribute to the field of Bio Building, has given us the knowledge and experience to be experts in this area.

Quay Park

In 1997 the renowned landscape architect, Ted Smyth, was commissioned by the Ngati Whatua to design a park, located in downtown Auckland near the Old Railway building. We were engaged as the preferred contractors and completed the job on time and budget.

The park features the patterns and designs of the Ngati Whatua and was named Mahuhu ke ti Rangi. The park was then gifted to Auckland City.

Coatesville Family Home

This family home was constructed from a light-weight timber frame clad with stone and features internal rammed earth walls. The tiled and timber floors have finishes that are low or non-toxic.

Considerations in this project were energy consumption and production; electromagnetic fields wastewater disposal and low toxicity of materials. This home features a B&B.

South Kaipara

This small sized home was designed with self-sufficiency in mind and features a composting toilet for natural waste disposal, a windmill and solar panels for energy production.

It is built from mud bricks utilising straw and earth but no cement. The floor is mud brick also and has been finished with linseed oil.

Tara Sanctuary

The Tara sanctuary, part of Mana Retreat, sits on a Coromandel hillside looking out over the sea. The chapel and bell tower are dedicated to the people of Aotearoa and were designed with sacred geometric dimensions and bio-harmonic principles.

The chapel is clad in local stone and the bell tower is constructed from timber with a stone base and houses three bells. The materials and construction processes chosen will ensure that these buildings will last for many generations.

Ohui Lodge

The Ohui Lodge, a spectacular blend of Mexican-Moroccan style, was built on the Coromandel in 2003 and currently offers custom-made eco retreats.

The large circular house with a separate recording studio and pool wing was constructed from rings of recycled eucalyptus poles with a plaster finish and a succulent roof. In this project the consideration was "think globally act locally, reuse, recycle".


The Earthsong Common house

The Earthsong Common house is the heart of the Earthsong community, it is a place where people can come together and share resources. The Common House includes a large commercial kitchen, dining, laundry, children, teen, guest, and activity areas.

The building features natural timber inside and out, with natural bio paint finishes inside and incorporates the design principles of sustainability.

Earthsong Apartments

Terrace House

The two-storey Terrace house at Earthsong contains 3 dwellings built from a rammed earth base with a timber top.


The Fourplex is a two-storey rammed earth building containing 4 apartments.
Both apartment blocks feature natural timber and non-toxic finishes inside and continue to incorporate sustainability in their design.