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To whom it may concern:

I have worked closely with Bio Build over the past 14 years, and together we have completed a number of very successful residential projects. The first of those projects was a 9 month renovation of my own house in 1998, and Bio Build were selected because of their expert knowledge in sustainable building and their passion for green architecture. This was a top priority for me on that project, and I was delighted with the finished result.

I became interested in working with Alan Drayton and his team initially because of this special knowledge. I had already realised that it was not enough simply to specify alternative materials like timbers, for example, it was also essential to find a builder who was genuinely passionate about them and who knew from experience where to find a good supply of those timbers. I have found that Alan and his team excel in this area.

However, as I worked with them I discovered that they offered far more than just this specialist knowledge, invaluable though it is. I found their workmanship and the standard of their finishing work is excellent and I have been struck by their attention to detail in every aspect of the project. I have also found them to be unusually patient and noticed that they will look at as many options as may be needed to solve tricky problems, so that everyone is happy with the end result.

Should anyone wish to contact me direct to discuss anything, I would be very happy to talk over any aspect of my experience of Bio Build’s work.

Yours sincerely,Claire Chambers Registered Architect
B.Arch (Hons), FNZIA

I approached Bio Build five years ago as the challenge of a large rammed earth house drew closer.
As an owner-builder, I needed a sympathetic partner in a project too demanding for my resources.

Alan Drayton proved to be just that partner, as we cooperated on every detail of gearing up for 300m2of house, with predominantly 3.9 m stud height in rammed earth, to talling 100 m3 of wall volume.

An approach of mutual design input, combining equipment and workshop capacity, along with a thorough-going technical guidance in earth science and quality got us ready for this difficult challenge. Skilled labour and specialist gear completed the preparations.

Whilst this build is currently but a 'henge', with much still to do, Alan and team have conquered the mountain, and will be vital in further challenges towards a finish.

Julian Pirie.

Alan and his team have done a magnificent job building houses and site works at Earthsong Eco-Neighborhood. The rammed earth and exposed timber details at Earthsong required high levels of skill and care, and Alan's team took great pride in their craftsmanship. I found them consistently helpful, attentive and willing to problem-solve, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

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